3748 Grand Boulevard
Downtown Brookfield
(708) 255- 5481


If you’ve lived in Brookfield the last 25 years, odds are you’ve been in one of Fred Tyler’s businesses. But his newest venture, Zoo City Treats, is the one most likely to delight family members of all ages. That’s because the shop creates sweet and salty snacks to be shared and savored. On the sweeter side, the staff piles creamy scoops of ice cream into waffle cones studded with colorful sprinkles, crushed M&Ms, or nuts, and add fruity syrups to Hawaiian shaved ice. For a mix of sweet and salty, customers can find a range of gourmet popcorn flavors. Zoo City Treats drizzles chocolate over caramel corn, adds bacon to cheesy popcorn, and even creates colorful blends for Bears games and holidays.

Candy at Zoo City Treats, Brookfield, Illinois

Something for everyone

We also sell different flavors of popcorn, ice cream pies, and hot dogs!

Ice Cream

Hawaiian Ice

Italian Ice



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